About us

Arjazon Uienhandel B.V. is based in Kruiningen, the heart of onion cultivation and processing in the Netherlands. Our company has occupied a unique position in the sector since 1980. The company was founded by Arjaan Jansen and has been run by his sons since 1982. The company name – Arjazon – is made up from the name of the founder, Arjaan Jansen, and ‘zonen‘ (Dutch for ‘sons’).

Arjazon’s main activities are purchasing, drying, sorting and packaging onions for export.

We also regularly resort and repack onions that do not meet the set quality requirements.

An additional activity is trading in onions for industrial processing. These onions are purchased from growers and sold to peeling companies. Arjazon also repurchases and sells the onions peeled by our customers.