Onion growing

Arjazon's 'onion tale' starts with the growers.

In early spring, onion growers start preparing their fields using modern machines. Sowing is completely mechanised in order to place the seeds in the ground quickly and precisely. In this way, the growers lay a basis for producing consistently good yields of high-quality onions. The favourable climate and the fertile soil, which is free of stones, help the Dutch onion to develop its characteristic strong flavour and aroma.

Arjazon starts buying onion crops from the growers around harvest time. After harvesting, the onions have to be dried. The growers can choose to dry their onions for a few days in the open air in their fields or put them straight into storage. Onions are also taken directly from the fields to Arjazon where they are dried before further processing.

Arjazon continually looks for new contacts with onion growers to establish dependable, long-term business relationships that benefit both parties.