Our history

The break-up of the De Koster-Jansen family business in 1980 led to the formation of three new onion companies. One of the former partners, Arjaan Jansen, constructed new premises at the Adriaansweg in the beginning of 1980 and started growing, sorting and packing onions for export together with three of his sons in June of the same year.

In 1983, Arjaan's sons Henk and Piet joined the company and its name was changed to Fa. A.J. Jansen & Zn.

The company grew steadily. In 1984, a second warehouse was built for storing unprocessed bulk onions. This warehouse was later adapted for crate storage.

The production line underwent successive improvements during the first 10 years of the company's existence, but by 1989, it could not be expanded any further and plans were made to redesign it completely. The installation work took place at the end of 1989 and in the beginning of 1990 and the new line went into operation later the same year, partly in a newly built warehouse. This line has also been continually improved.  

When the borders with Eastern Europe opened in 1989, it was decided to start wholesale trading in industrial onions. In the years since then, thousands of tonnes of onions have been sent to peeling companies in Eastern Europe. The extensive customer network of peeling companies also enabled Arjazon to start wholesale trading in peeled onions.

Because of the continual confusion caused by different onion companies in Kruiningen called Jansen, it was decided to choose a new name for the company in the beginning of 1997. A competition for the personnel was organised and resulted in the name Arjazon Onion trading, which is made up from the name of the company founder, Arjaan Jansen, and his zonen (Dutch for sons). The new name has been used since 1 August 1997. After a short, intensive advertising campaign, the name became established throughout the entire onion sector within two weeks.

At the end of 2000, the company started setting up a HACCP and ISO system, focused on improving product and organisational quality.

In 2003, a highly advanced system for automatically retrieving, merging and storing production process data and sales information in a database for tracking and tracing was put into operation. The system prints identifying labels for each pallet of onions produced and will enable Arjazon to comply with traceability requirements for years to come.

In 2011, the latest expansion of the company's premises took place. A new warehouse was built for storing arable onions. The warehouse is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment for drying and storing onions, and has helped make Arjazon Onion trading future ready.